Telenor Satellite announces THOR 7 type approval for Intellian’s v85NX antenna system.

On 20 May 2020 Telenor Satellite, Europe’s most versatile satellite operator, has announced its approval of Intellian’s v85NX antenna after successful sea trials. It will be used with Telenor Satellite’s THOR 7 Anker Maritime Ka-band service.

THOR 7 has long been established as the optimal choice for clients looking for premium VSAT connectivity across Europe. Even for smaller antennas, its highly focused spot beams make it an ideal choice for anyone operating throughout the main European sea routes, from the Barents Sea in the north, to the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

The combination of THOR 7 and the v85NX series of antennas is a competitive choice for customers looking for excellent connectivity paired with a top quality, compact antenna with low capital and operational expenditure. The size and weight of the antennas make them easy to install, and a step-by-step commissioning wizard built into the antenna management and control software also saves time and money for the user.

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