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From nearly impossible offshore data connections
to the last voyage of the Costa Concordia.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Satellite and Cellular Mobile Internet

with our unparalleled, vendor and service provider independent advice and consultancy.

At Satmarin, we pride ourselves on offering unbiased, expert guidance that puts your needs first. Navigate the complex world of mobile connectivity with ease, as our team of experts empowers you to make informed decisions free from any external influences.

Don’t settle for less; elevate your mobile internet experience with tailor-made solutions that match your unique requirements. Ready to revolutionize your connectivity? Contact us today and let’s explore the boundless possibilities together.

Satellite Antenna Systems

Stabilized Parabolic LEO, MEO and GEO or Electronically Steered Flat Panel Antennas, We have so much in store for you.

Mobile Cellular Supremacy

For the demanding mobile (maritime) professional users we created the Hyper-G, best in class high throughput long distance cellular terminal as well as the peplink router Series for professional applications.

Tailor-Made Cellular Connectivity

With operations stretching over 200 countries this is where the advanced EU & Global SIM card services by Satmarin step in, offering bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of modern businesses.

Spare Parts & Upgrade Kits

Trust your Original Intellian spare parts and replacements from an official Intellian Partner with warehouses in South Korea, the Netherlands and USA