Intellian OW-Series for OneWeb

Intellian OneWeb Certification

Satmarin is proud to announce that they have achieved certification on all Intellian parabolic LEO for Eutelsat OneWeb. This includes the Enterprise / Terrestrial as well as the Maritime User Terminals.

As a Train-the-Trainer certification holder we can assist you and your team in installing OneWeb User Terminals on land and at sea.

Available User Terminals

Intellian has designed several terrestrial fixed and maritime parabolic user terminals which can be implemented in a variety of situations.

The models are distinct in 3 categories:

Dual Parabolic Maritime

Used in an in-motion environment on board sea going vessels the OW50M and OW70M consist of two parabolic antennas which simultaneously connect to the available satellites. These antennas can be configures so that they are aware of permanent signal blockage areas (like masts and funnels) and are capable of mitigating connection outage as long as one of the two antennas has connectivity.

Dual Parabolic Terrestrial

The OW50L is a dual fixed terrestrial User Terminal for Eutelsat OneWeb combining two LEO satellite tracking parabolic antennas and one modem, whereby the satellite signal is alternatively sent to the modem by the Primary Antenna or the Secondary Antenna.

While one of both antennas is tracking the other paused parabolic antenna is preparing itself for the next satellite that will come into view.

Single Parabolic

If very short outages are not a problem on your network then you can opt for the Single Parabolic version that will need only 800ms to switch between two consecutive satellites.

Certified for you

Satmarin has been fully certified by Intellian to supply you with support and training of all OneWeb LEO products as well as all other GEO VSAT solutions.

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