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Innovative Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses across the globe face a common challenge: the need for reliable, efficient, and flexible mobile connectivity.

The rise of IoT has transformed how businesses operate. Satmarin’s high volume IoT SIM solutions are designed to empower these devices with robust and secure SIM connectivity.

By enhancing the technological infrastructure, these SIMs extend the reach of IoT devices, ensuring they remain connected, regardless of their global position.

Steered vs. Non-Steered

Non-Steered SIM Cards

Non-steered SIM cards are the unsung heroes for businesses seeking unhindered connectivity. Without a default preference for any specific network, these SIMs allow devices to seamlessly switch between networks.

This feature is particularly crucial for global IoT/M2M applications, where uninterrupted connectivity is paramount. The lack of a primary network makes non-steered SIMs more adaptable and effective, especially in regions with varying network strengths.

Steered SIM Cards

Steered SIM cards offer a more directed approach. They primarily latch onto a single network and switch only when the connection drops. Typically, this is implemented on consumer services.

This can be advantageous in scenarios where one network provides superior coverage or pricing in a specific region. However, the downside is the potential compromise on the strongest connection available, which can be a critical factor in areas with multiple strong network providers.

Empowering Your Business with Satmarin’s Connectivity Solutions

The landscape of mobile connectivity is complex and ever-changing. Satmarin’s innovative EU & Global SIM card solutions offer a dynamic and adaptable approach, catering to the unique needs of modern businesses.

Whether it’s through non-steered flexibility, the focused approach of steered SIMs, the pioneering use of IoT and satellite connectivity, or tailor-made cellular solutions, Satmarin is committed to keeping your business connected in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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