Traffic Management

Trouble in managing local network in your remote office? At Satmarin we integrate the different solutions and equipment installed on remote premises, to manage and monitor local performances.  We can immediately act in case of problems, via remote or local support if needed.

Traffic management is the process of measuring and controlling the communications (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link, which would result in network congestion and poor performance of the network.

Identity-based Bandwidth Management

With Satmarin Bandwidth Management, enterprises can establish priorities based on users, web category, groups and applications with precise bandwidth allocation based on usage and time of the day. The Satmarin internet content filtering module complements bandwidth management by blocking access to high bandwidth-consuming audio-video downloads, gaming, tickers, ads and more. This ensures that business and bandwidth-critical applications like CRM, VoIP and more gain guaranteed bandwidth. Enterprises can fine-tune their bandwidth policies based on changing user requirements as well as their usage for continually improved network performance.

Bandwidth Prioritization

Satmarin also enables bandwidth policies to be created to enable bandwidth allocation to high-priority business traffic, enabling enterprises to deliver uninterrupted access to business critical applications and users. At the same time, they retain bandwidth control over recreational traffic and heavy bandwidth guzzling media applications.

Committed and Burstable Bandwidth

Enterprises can create bandwidth policies to allocate guaranteed bandwidth to users, assigning minimum and maximum bandwidth to users. Committed bandwidth ensures that critical users receive constant levels of bandwidth during peak and non-peak traffic periods. Burstable bandwidth allocation allows users to receive greater bandwidth when available, ensuring optimal usage of the resource.

Time-based Bandwidth Allocation

With Satmarin Bandwidth Management, enterprises can schedule and regulate bandwidth as per user requirements. High bandwidth can be provided to a user during a particular time of the day when uninterrupted access is required. By doing this, enterprises can lower the peaks in bandwidth usage across the day. This limits the need for bandwidth purchase based on excessively high peaks, controlling operating expenses.

Identity-based Security

With the individual user being the weakest link in enterprise security, identifying the user and gaining visibility into their online activities has become a critical concern. As the only identity-based firewall VPN solution worldwide, NetCon² gives complete visibility into ‘Who is doing What’ in the network and allows organizations to push policies at the user level based on the individual’s work profile.