Newtec iDirect IQ200 Satellite Modem

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Imagine a world where connectivity knows no bounds, where remote locations and the open seas are as connected as a bustling city center.

The iQ 200 Rackmount Satellite Modem is turning this vision into reality.

Designed for unparalleled flexibility and high-speed performance, it is the cornerstone of next-generation satellite communications.

Whether for enterprise applications, cellular backhaul, or maritime adventures, the iQ 200 Rackmount is your gateway to global connectivity.


Unlocking the Skies: The Revolutionary iQ 200 Rackmount Satellite Modem

Ever felt the frustration of slow internet in remote locations, or the limitations of connectivity at sea? Say hello to the iQ 200 Rackmount, a game-changer in satellite communication technology. This device isn’t just another modem—it’s your bridge to the world, ensuring high-speed, reliable internet wherever you are.

The Problem It Solves: Connectivity in the Unconnected World

In today’s fast-paced digital age, being online is not just an option; it’s a necessity. However, for those in remote enterprise locations, on the high seas, or in regions where traditional internet infrastructure is a dream, staying connected has been a steep challenge. Enter the iQ 200 Rackmount, a beacon of hope that promises not just to connect but to revolutionize access in the least accessible corners of the globe.

Why the iQ 200 Rackmount?

Part of ST Engineering iDirect’s DVB-S2/S2X modem series, the iQ 200 Rackmount is not your average modem. It’s a robust, software-defined marvel designed for flexibility and expansion. Its high-performance features are perfectly suited for small to medium enterprises, maritime adventures, and even cellular backhaul applications. Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Unmatched Speeds: Imagine reaching throughputs over 300 Mbps. With the iQ 200 Rackmount in L2oS mode, it’s not just possible; it’s a guarantee. High return throughput capabilities? Check. Thanks to a high Msps rate of up to 15 Msps on the inbound, your data flows smoother and faster.
  2. For Every Journey: Whether you’re anchored or on the move, the iQ 200 Rackmount has got you covered. Its high power BUCs and OpenAMIP mobility support mean your connectivity doesn’t drop, even when you’re crossing the oceans.
  3. Ease of Use: With dual GigE Ethernet ports and compatibility with various ODU configurations, installation is a breeze. Service providers can deploy services quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank.
  4. Designed for Tomorrow: The rackmount’s software-defined architecture means it’s ready to evolve with your needs. Plus, with features like DVB-S2/S2X support up to 100 Msps, adaptive TDMA, and OpenAMIP compatibility, it’s not just meeting today’s standards but setting tomorrow’s.

Making the Connection

The iQ 200 Rackmount is more than a piece of technology; it’s a testament to human ingenuity’s power to connect us in ways we’ve only dreamed of. Its flexibility makes it ideal for a range of applications—from enterprise solutions in the most remote locations to providing critical connectivity onboard vessels at sea. And with its ease of installation, it’s paving the way for service providers to offer more, reach further, and dream bigger.

The Future Is Now

With the iQ 200 Rackmount, we’re not just talking about potential; we’re talking about real, tangible impacts on businesses, on maritime operations, and on remote connectivity. It’s a product that doesn’t just promise; it delivers.

A Call to Value

In a world where connection means everything, the iQ 200 Rackmount is your key to unlocking limitless possibilities. It’s not just about staying online; it’s about empowering your operations, expanding your reach, and embarking on new adventures with the confidence that comes from reliable, high-speed connectivity.

P.S. Ready to change the way you connect? Yes or No?

Features of the iQ 200 Rackmount

DVB-S2 (up to 45 Msps) / DVB-S2X (up to 100 Msps) outbound
Supports a full range of DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 256APSK
Adaptive TDMA up to 15 Msps, 16QAM
Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications
10 and 50 MHz reference for BUC compatibility
OpenAMIP compatibility for ease of integration
Layer 2 and Layer 3 optimized