Newtec iDirect MDM3310 Satellite Modem

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Unlocking the Future: The Power of Newtec Dialog Modems

In an age where digital connectivity shapes the very fabric of our daily lives and fuels the engines of global enterprises, the quest for efficient, reliable, and scalable communication solutions is more pressing than ever. Enter the realm of the Newtec Dialog modem series, a beacon of innovation in satellite communications, promising not just to meet but to redefine expectations across a plethora of markets.


  • DVB-S2 (up to 45Msps) / DVB-S2X (up to 500 Msps) outbound
  • Supports DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 64APSK
  • Return max rates up to 64 Msps (SCPC), 25 Msps (Mx-DMA)
  • Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications
  •  OpenAMIP and GXT file support for mobility
  • Security features with Optional AES128 scrambling
  • Embedded TCP acceleration, GTP acceleration and header compression


The Heart of the MDM3310

Imagine a world where the barriers of distance and the limitations of terrestrial networks no longer hinder your access to high-speed, dependable internet and communication services. This is not a distant dream but a tangible reality, thanks to the advanced capabilities of the Newtec Dialog series. The series, featuring two-way, high throughput DVB-S2X modems, is a masterpiece of technology designed to cater to a diverse range of applications, from internet access and VoIP to enterprise connectivity and beyond.

A Symphony of Flexibility and Efficiency

What sets the Newtec Dialog series apart is its unparalleled flexibility, enabled by its support for Dialog’s three return waveform technologies: MF-TDMA, high-rate SCPC, and the revolutionary Mx-DMA. Imagine a musician seamlessly blending the rhythms and melodies of different instruments to create a harmonious symphony. Similarly, Mx-DMA combines the best of MF-TDMA and SCPC, offering on-demand variable bandwidth allocation without compromising on efficiency or availability. This adaptability ensures that service providers can tailor their offerings to the specific needs of their clients, making the Newtec Dialog series a universal key to unlocking vast communication possibilities.

Broadening Horizons with Wideband Operations

The capability to support wideband operations up to 500 Msps in the forward channel is nothing short of a game-changer. This feature allows for the setup of virtually any network size and type on any satellite, expanding the horizons for service providers. It’s akin to giving artists a larger canvas and a wider palette of colors to express their visions more vividly and expansively.

MDM3310: A Closer Look

Among the stars of the Newtec Dialog series, the MDM3310 Satellite Modem shines brightly. Designed for a wide array of fixed IP services, including but not limited to internet/intranet access and VoIP, it stands as a testament to high-speed, efficient connectivity. The modem’s high data rates make it an ideal choice for backhauling applications, while its wideband receive capability ensures it is perfectly suited for use on High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

Ease of installation is another hallmark of the MDM3310, with multilingual web GUIs and the Point&Play application simplifying the deployment process. This feature is a boon for service providers, enabling them to roll out services swiftly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, the availability of a board level variant, the SMB3310, underscores the series’ adaptability, catering to a broader spectrum of network infrastructure needs.

Embrace the future of satellite communications with the Newtec Dialog modem series. Its blend of flexibility, efficiency, and wide-ranging capabilities opens up new vistas of possibility for service providers and end-users alike. Let’s not just connect; let’s revolutionize the way we communicate and interact in this interconnected world. Together, we can transcend the traditional boundaries of distance and technology, fostering a more connected, efficient, and dynamic global community.

Features of the MDM3310

  • DVB-S2 (up to 45Msps) / DVB-S2X (up to 500 Msps) outbound
  • Supports DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 64APSK
  • Return max rates up to 40 Msps(SCPC), 25 Msps (MxDMA)
  • Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications with throughput rates up to
  • 100/25 Mbps
  • OpenAMIP and GXT file support
  • Embedded TCP acceleration, GTP acceleration and header compression

Tx Interface

Connector F-Type 75 Ohm
Frequency range L-band 950-2400 MHz
TX level -55 dBm to +5 dBm
BUC power supply 24VDC, 4A/48V, 3.5A
BUC reference 10/50 MHz

Rx Interface

Frequency 950-2150 MHz
Connector F-Type 75 Ohm
LNB power supply 13/18VDC
Polarization selection power supply voltage
LNB LO selection 22 kHz on/off
Data Interface
LAN: Four 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, auto MDI/MDIX
Future Use
MicroSD mass storage option MicroSD cards