New Intellian Intelligent Mediator Gen-II

The Intelligent Mediator Gen-II supports VSAT antenna mediation for up to 8x antennas, enabling an improved smart approach to blockage mitigation, connection resiliency, antenna diversity, and failure prevention. The Intelligent Mediator Gen-II supports not only Intellian v240M/v240MT and NX series antennas, but also other brands of antennas that support OpenAMIP. In addition, it supports RF switching for up to 8x modems regardless of the orbits and frequency bands. All ports on the Intelligent Mediator Gen-II are available to any band modem, including multi-band modems on a single port.

The Intelligent Mediator Gen-II supplies various operation modes to utilize maximum bandwidth in GEO operation, MEO operation, and GEO/MEO operation. Blockage mitigation, modem diversity, and high bandwidth with redundancy are some of the setup scenarios. Dual data center operation is available with the Intelligent Mediator Gen-II, providing seamless connectivity to the satellite networks. A simple changeover will occur if a unit fails in the data center.

In addition, the Intelligent Mediator Gen-II provides very smart antenna management via OrchestraTM. When the system is integrated with the MES (Mediation Edge Server), it can pair two different brands of antennas for blockage mitigation. Automated mediation is available based on policy and conditions, asset management, and a centralized dashboard for system status.

The Intelligent Mediator Gen-II 

Key Features

  • Embedded RF Switch
  • Dynamic modem port allocation
  • Able to combine different Intellian antenna models
  • Integration with other antenna brands
  • Multi-Antenna Operation
  • Multi-band and Multi-mode operations
  • OrchestraTM Integrated

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