New Intellian Inmarsat Fleetbroadband FB500

​​We’re delighted to announce the development of our new FB500, the first FB500 terminal to use the latest Inmarsat technology and L-band modem. Following the launch of the Fleet One and FB250 in October 2021, the FB500 completes the range of Intellian’s modern FleetBroadband terminals. 

The new FB500 is the most cutting-edge and feature rich terminal on the market. Expected to be approved by Inmarsat for use on Fleet Edge in January 2023, the FB500 is designed to work equally well as part of a Fleet Xpress (FX) installation or as a fully featured, stand-alone terminal.

​​​ Intellian FB500

FB500 Features

  • Connects to Inmarsat’s ELERA network using their latest L-band modem
  • Designed for use as part of an FX installation or as a standalone terminal
  • FX approved and softNSD qualified (approval expected in Jan.2023)
  • ‘All-in-one’ solution that includes:
    – Automatic switching between WAN and satellite connection
    – Wi-Fi antenna and modem
    – Firewall
    – Soft PABX
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • AptusLX, our intuitive yet powerful terminal management software

Product Summary

The new FB500 from Intellian is a fully featured FleetBroadband terminal, which connects to Inmarsat’s ELERA network using Inmarsat’s latest L-band modem. This flexible, multifunctional terminal can be used either as a primary standalone communications terminal or as a perfect companion to one of Intellian’s market leading GXNX terminals, providing the ideal Fleet Xpress (FX) solution.

Its all-in-one design includes a WAN port to enable automatic switching between a WAN and satellite connection, a Wi-Fi antenna and modem, firewall and soft PABX. Highly reliable, it also provides a dependable basis for safety services.

Intellian is focused on delivering lifetime value to our customers. Flexible and future proof, the new FB500 provides a significantly more cost-effective long term investment. It’s a highly reliable and easy to install solution, including a full suite of built-in features, reducing the amount of additional equipment required. Airtime costs are also minimized through automatic switching between the LTE and satellite connections. In addition, Intellian’s responsive global support teams are there to help if needed and the terminal comes with a market leading 3 year parts and 2 year labor warranty.


Antenna System Price

Part NumberPart DescriptionMSRP (USD)
F4-A500-SFB500 Standalone Type$15,700
F4-A500-RFB500 19” Rack-mount Type$16,200
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