New Intellian GX60NX 2 HP and GX100NX 2 HP

Intellian is excited to announce the launch of their latest maritime terminals for Inmarsat GX, namely the GX60NX 2 HP and GX100NX 2 HP.

The Intellian NX Series GX terminals are equipped to provide high-speed data transfers, thanks to the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-band network. With the GXNX Series, the maritime industry can now benefit from a futureproof, high-performing and dependable solution that caters to the ever-increasing demand for data. The GX60NX 2 HP and GX100NX 2 HP models are tailored for Inmarsat’s highest bandwidth plans designed for the Energy, Superyacht and Cruise sectors.

Featuring a new 9W Ka-band transceiver (XCVR) and feedhorn, the GX60NX 2 HP and GX100NX 2 HP terminals offer dual-polarization and wide-band (2.5Ghz) Ka support. These enhancements enable both systems to leverage the complete potential of Inmarsat’s current and future Global Xpress satellite constellations, providing users with more reliable and efficient communication services.

The terminals are now available in stock and can be ordered right away. To learn more, please reach out to your favourite Satmarin representative.

Intellian GX60NX 2 HPIntellian GX100NX 2 HP

Key Features

  • 2.5GHz Wide Ka-band supported
  • Dual-polarization operation
  • Full utilization of the Inmarsat satellites, increasing bandwidth capacity and efficiency
  • Single cable and quick installation wizard solution
  • All-In-One below deck terminal
  • GX modem and mediator embedded for dual antenna operations
  • Optimized for ease of shipment and installation

Antenna System Price

Part NumberPart DescriptionMSRP (USD)
V5-60G-V1X4NIntellian GX60NX 2 HP System (9W Transceiver)$46,000
V5-11G-V1X4NIntellian GX100NX 2 HP System (9W Transceiver)$68,000

Product Availability The new GX60NX 2 HP and the GX100NX 2 HP are now in stock and available to order. 

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