iSwitch for iDirect X3, X5 & X7 Evolution

iSwitch, for iDirect Evolution X-Series

Satmarin Exoflux is happy to launch its new VSAT pocket tool, iSwitch, an iDirect X-Series link status indicator and beam switcher. You can download it from Google Play

Currently available for Android, iSwitch will allow you to view all vitals of your satellite connection instantly, whether you are on- or off-site (network access required). No need to pull out the old faithful laptop and SSH session anymore to check if a remote is online, what its signal strength and other vitals are or even remotely switch or lock its beams.

iSwitch also reveals additional information on the available satellite beams for your remote, frequency, elevation, azimuth based on the remote’s location and more …

We tried to make the software as intuitive as possible. A default terminal is already configured with default passwords and IP address when you first start the app. You can add as many remotes as you like by pressing the + in the right hand top corner. That’s about as complicated as it gets.

About beam switching.

Some satellite internet service providers may not be thrilled for you to switch beams as it normally is one of their missions to keep all the terminals well balanced on the network. Therefore you should only use the beam switching when really necessary and be aware that it might not necessarily generate better results or even make things worse. It will however allow you to switch beams faster when you are in a blockage and don’t want to wait for the default configured timeout.

This is a first release so all suggestions and bug reports are welcome to Satmarin NOC

We hope the tool will be useful for many of you

Enjoy, and if you are looking to optimize your maritime or terrestrial connectivity infrastructure, then do let us know how we can help you.

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