Intellian v85NX launch

Intellian v85NX available as of Sept 3rd, 2018

Also v85NX has the best RF performance, using highly efficient RF design which allows to operate on a 1-meter network despite its compact form factor. It also has various BUC options available up to 25W, which give it a wider operational range than other sub 1m-class antennas.

With modular component design, the number of spare part by more than 30% and lower the total cost of ownership for the system as well as it improves reliability and provides easy maintenance.

Intellian also introduce new upgraded antenna management and control software, AptusNX. This v85NX’s new smart operation platform provide the efficiency of configuration and activation with AptusNX operator-friendly features. This AptusNX present installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide to more easily complete setup.

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