Intellian v60Ka 2 XCVR, v85NX Ka XCVR & v100NX Ka XCVR

Intellian proudly introduces its newest maritime terminals: v60Ka 2 XCVR, v85NX Ka XCVR, and v100NX Ka XCVR. These terminals come equipped with 4.5W & 9W Ka-band transceivers, a feedhorn that supports dual-polarization, and a wide-band (2.5Ghz) Ka capability.

This state-of-the-art XCVR series is designed to offer unmatched performance and reliability, catering to the growing data needs of the maritime sector. Each terminal model has undergone rigorous testing and has received full approval from Telenor.

The terminals are now in stock and ready to order. Please speak to your regional sales manager for more information.

Intellian v60Ka 2 XCVRIntellian v85NX Ka XCVRIntellian v100NX Ka XCVR

Key Features

  • 2.5GHz Wide Ka-band supported
  • Dual-polarization operation
  • Single cable and quick install wizard solution
  • Optimized for ease of shipment and installation

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