Intellian v45C

Intellian is pleased to announce the release of the v45C, the new compact and lightweight 45cm Ku band antenna solution. The C in the v45C product name represents its compact form factor, with the system weighting only 23Kg.

The v45C VSAT system is designed to deliver enhanced connectivity and user experience to smaller boats and vessels, including fishing, leisure, commercial and government markets. The antenna offers exceptional value and performance no matter the communication needs or space constraints onboard.

Intellian v45C Compact VSAT System 

The customers have the flexibility of connecting their v45C antenna via their Ku-band service provider of choice, knowing that the RF design is optimized to deliver best-in-class performance and efficiency. The advanced design ensures optimal performance on both HTS (High-Throughput Satellite) and wide beam Ku-band satellites, delivering an unparalleled user experience for a product of this form factor.

As a purpose built product for entry level maritime customers, the v45C is a simplified solution with a 6W BUC and Cross pol only configuration, ideal for minimizing weight and cost. The v45C is easy to install with a single cable connection which combines Tx, Rx, and DC power cables. The new radome design means that installers do not need to open the radome hatch during the installation, simply connecting the cable externally.

The v45C is operated by Aptus NX, Intellian’s advanced web based antenna control and monitoring platform. Aptus NX provides an innovative installation wizard that gives users a step by step guide through the commissioning process and setup of the antenna, providing further time savings and optimized performance. Its responsive web design presents optimal viewing for better user experience regardless of device. The essential Aptus NX functions are available for the v45C, with the exception of cable compensation, spectrum analyzer and SNMP. Aptus NX also provides automated diagnosis which performs key component health check and delivers detailed reports and proper measurements.
Product Features :

  • Compact and Light (<23kg) Ku-Band VSAT Antenna
  • Affordable Cost with Powerful Performance 
  • Optimized Ku-band Performance 
  • Optimal Performance on HTS & Wide Beam Ku-band Satellites
  • Simplified 6W BUC and X-Pol Single Option as an Entry-Level Product 
  • Quick & Easy Installation 
  • Single Cable Connection 
  • Easy Installation and Commissioning using the Aptus NX software 
  • Small & Compact Package 
  • API Provided for the Remote Management 
  • Intelsat Flex Approved

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