Intellian v240MT Gen-II

Intellian is pleased to announce the release of the v240MT Gen-II multi-band antenna system. The v240MT Gen-II is the multi-orbit and tri-band antenna system that enables communication services in three different frequency bands and tracks Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites. There are currently more than 100 v240MT antenna systems deployed on cruise ships and energy vessels.

The v240MT Gen-II has enhanced RF performance compared to the existing v240MT, and the Gen-II provides the unique capability of switching among different satellite frequency bands and satellite orbits as needed without any user intervention. This enables the operator to select the best solution for the geographic location with the flexibility of achieving the highest service quality on any satellite within their coverage area. 

The design of the system assures consistent RF performance across C-, Ku-, and Ka-bands to deliver high-speed, high quality connectivity to high-bandwidth demanding users. The v240MT Gen-II provides unsurpassed seamless operation for vessels in the cruise and energy industries that require bandwidth, coverage, and reliability.

The 2.4M Multi-Orbit Multi-Band VSAT Antenna System

Product Features

  • 2.4M C-Ku-Ka Tri-Band Antenna with high performance Ka-band Radome
  • 2.5 GHz Wideband Ka Support
  • GEO/MEO Tracking Capabilities
  • Hybrid GEO/MEO Operation for More Bandwidth Aggregation
  • Intellian-Designed Fiber Optic Solution
  • All-In-One Intelligent Mediator for modem switching, antenna mediation, and smart handover
  • Supports up to a 400W C/Ku BUC and a 100W wideband Ka BUC
  • v240MT Awarded Satellite Technology of the Year for 2018
v240MT Gen-II Multi-Orbit Multi-B Antenna System with 154″ dome
–        excluding C/Ku/Ka-band BUC
–        excluding Ka-band LNB
–       “M” Radar Rejection Filter / “A” Wi-MAX Rejection Filter
v240MT Gen-II Multi-Orbit Multi-Band Antenna System with 168″ dome
–        excluding C/Ku/Ka-band BUC
–        excluding Ka-band LNB
–       “M” Radar Rejection Filter / “A” Wi-MAX Rejection Filter

Product Availability

  • The v240MT is available now.
  • Leadtime is 8 weeks (to be confirmed after the receipt of the PO).

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