Intellian GX R2

All Intellian systems will continue to operate with the current Inmarsat constellation as well as the future planned GX-R2 next generation Global Xpress™ network. We can confirm that with a simple conversion kit, the current GX100 antenna that you own today will be able to access new services on the GX-R2 wideband Ka network.

GX100NX All New 1m Maritime VSAT Terminal

Intellian has recently released the NX series of next generation antenna systems, based on the NX antenna Platform. The new GX100NX is the next generation GX antenna fully equipped to support the current GX constellation as well as the GX-R2 future network. Highlights of the GX100NX include: 

  • 2.5 GHz Ready with high precision reflector 
  • GX-R2 Ready 
  • Single Cable for Tx, Rx, and Power. 
  • All-in-one Below Deck Unit (BDU) with built in GX Modem and GX Mediator. 
  • High Power BUC upgradeable to 10W providing access to higher bandwidth packages. 

The GX100NX is based on the new and revolutionary NX platform. 

Highlights include: 

  • Lower cost of ownership and industry leading warranty 
  • Built-in mediator for easier dual antenna installation 
  • 40% Reduction in spare parts 
  • AptusNX software with enhanced remote management, diagnostics, innovative installation wizard, and an intuitive dashboard. 

This is an exciting time for the satellite industry as there are many new and tremendous technologies that will be coming online soon. Intellian is at the forefront of supporting these efforts and has developed strategic partnerships and new products to allow our customers to access these services. We want to make sure everyone is clear that the current GX100 and newly released GX100NX will support GX-R2 

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