Intellian FB250 Fleet Xpress fully approved

Intellian is pleased to announce that the Intellian FB250 has been fully approved for use with Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service and now available for integration with Inmarsat FX Fleet Edge for both Wholesale and Retail.

Launched in October 2021, the FB250 unlocks the full potential of Fleet Xpress, available to replace legacy FB terminals with the latest technology, or installed as an integrated turnkey solution when paired with Intellian Global Xpress terminals.

Fleet Xpress combines the high data speeds of Global Xpress (Ka-band) with the proven reliability of FleetBroadband (L-band network ELERA) to offer continuous connectivity, and guaranteed performance for true global mobility. The FB250 combined with Intellian’s GX100NX or GX60NX is the ideal FX solution.

Intellian FB250 Terminal

The FB250 is built on the BRM (BGAN Radio Module) which is Inmarsat’s first modem within the L-band  spectrum that uses packet switching for all communications. Packet switching is typically more secure, efficient and reliable than the older circuit switching technology.

To ensure you can take advantage of the terminal as soon as possible, we will make it available now whilst we develop the automation for provisioning. Given the unique launch stages of this terminal, we would like to provide you with key information in advance:  

Product Overview

As a reminder, the new Intellian FleetBroadband terminals have been equipped with Packet Switched (PS) Voice instead of Circuit Switch (CS) Voice, which distinguishes them from other FleetBroadband terminals currently available. 

  • Single IP Voice calls, voice quality comparable with CS voice
  • CS features, such as voice shortcodes, will work but without prioritisation.
  • Billed the same as CS voice, per minute
  • Fax is unsupported
  • Serial number currently unavailable in API

Provisioning instructions

Whilst we place high importance on a smooth provisioning process, we want to ensure we meet your demand, and therefore will be launching the product in two stages:

Stage 1 (April 2022)
Interim provisioning process and assurance data

You will be able to provision the terminal through the provisioning portal using ‘Intellian FB250 (BRM)’ terminal ID, and our team will then provision the terminal using an interim process.
Kindly provide at least 72 hours notice for us to fulfill the order, especially for installations during weekends. We will notify you upon completion, as failover to FleetBroadband will not be activated until provisioning is complete.

Stage 2 (Q3)
Full provisioning process

The terminal provisioning will be fully automated and we will aim to complete the process within 15 minutes (as per current SLA guidelines). The release date will be communicated once available.

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