Intellian FB250 & Fleet One

Intellian announced the release of its new FB250 and Fleet One L-Band terminals, providing exceptional value and user experience. The products deliver innovation, reliability, and increased functionality to customers across all maritime segments.

The FB250 and Fleet One terminals utilize the Inmarsat Global Fleet Broadband L-Band network ELERA to provide simultaneous data and voice communications. Designed using Inmarsat’s latest BGAN Radio Module (BRM) technology, the terminals offer the ultimate flexibility to our customers as they are easy to install and simple to configure; while our ability to ship from our global logistics centers provides the customer with the lowest cost shipment and installation services.

The built-in firewall enhances cyber security while built-in Wi-Fi provides easy internet service access. Powerful APIs offer full integration with various Smart boxes enabling remote management. These technical capabilities and Inmarsat new GMDSS feature readiness make both terminals ideal for vessel operations, safety and crew welfare services.

The FB250 has the functionality and features to operate as a standalone terminal, providing primary communications to maritime customers. Alternatively, it can be combined with Intellian’s market-leading GXNX terminals to create the most powerful Fleet Xpress solution available.The FB250 can deliver up to 284 kbps IP data with a maximum 128 kbps streaming IP with VoIP service and SMS. The built-in WAN port on the FB250 provides cost-effective connectivity by routing traffic via 3G/4G/LTE when available while its Soft PABX enables connection of up to 16 SIP phones.

Ideally suited for smaller coastal based fishing vessels and leisure craft, the Fleet One shares many of the same features as the FB250 and provides data speeds up to 150kbps along with 2 POE ports for its VoIP service and SMS. Two analog phones can also be supported. Utilizing the same resilient and reliable hardware and technology as the FB250, the Fleet One provides exceptional value for maritime users on a budget.



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