Hyper-G, more than just 4G

As ubiquitous as 4G is and 5G will be the reality of the matter is that in most maritime and industrial situations the service levels that can be achieved are highly overrated. Many cellular connectivity suppliers will tell you they can achieve distances up to 100km and Gigabit speeds, and while this might be true in exceptional situations the day-to-day reality turns out to be somewhat less impressive.

The last decade has seen an uprise in data hungry applications, professional and personal, and with many vessels being near shore the shift from reliable but very expensive VSAT to cheap and fast 4G has been very noticeable. But 4G (and 5G) are best effort services without any SLAs you can rely on so the user will always be depending on ‘whatever is available’.

Until recently improving your 4G connection would mean getting more and better antennas, putting them higher up in masts but also losing signal due to long cables and unreliable providers. Having experienced many client’s frustration with their 4G installation we wanted to have something that will get the most out of ‘whatever-is-available’.

While the initial idea of using stabilized parabolic antennas to connect to remote Cellular Towers seemed promising the rapid changing of connections between modem and cell tower made it nearly impossible to achieve, especially on a moving vessel.

Directional and bonding to the rescue

The evolution of networking and routers and well as the invention of MIMO antennas offered the possibility to design something great that would get the best connection and throughput out of ‘whatever-is-available’.

2 years and a lot of antennas and modems and SIMs and enclosures and months at sea later the Hyper-G was finally born. (Thank you Covid, you were not helping, but we got there in the end anyway)

A combination of multiple directional antennas in a single small (50cm diam. / 24cm high) radome with multiple CAT-x modems inside ready to connect you wherever you need to get the best out of ‘whatever-is-available’.

Hyper-G Maritime Cellular

Getting the best available unlimited bandwidth

To guarantee the best possible connection we also selected the best possible operators to get the most reliable signal to you, without preference or steering or limiting your bandwidth because you are roaming. And while there are 6 simultaneous active SIMs in a Hyper-G there is no additional cost per SIM.

At YOUR service

Hyper-G comes pre-configured and we will manage the unit for you. The Hyper-G terminal is equiped with out of band connectivity so that we can assist your configution at all times. The Bonded service can be homed on several continents and is highly configurable depending on your requirements

Is Hyper-G good for you ?

If you are happy with your current dongle or pro-sumer 4G setup or if reliability and throughput is not so important to you then the Hyper-G is most likely overkill … although we do find it very pretty as well. But if you need to get the best out of ‘whatever-is-available’ then a Hyper-G might just be what you need.

For Yachts: Super and Mega

A single easy to install powerful solution that will get you the bandwidth you need to stream Netflix, upload Youtubes and track the stock market for everyone on board, and then some. Available in several CAT versions you will be able to suck every little bit out of the Cellular Towers around you.

For River Cruises

With its high elevation and powerful long range you will be able to connect in those regions notorious for their poor connectivity (we’re not looking at you Germany)

For Offshore and Survey Vessels

Getting those huge data files back to shore in time without having to restart due to interruptions. Allowing your crew to communicate with less limitation

For Cruise Ships

Leverage the highest throughput available when within shore distance can mitigate the high, very high, VSAT costs or offer the extra bandwidth when needed

For Merchant Marine

While you might not need a Hyper-G, we have other solutions that can suit your requirements.

For some of you Hyper-G will be a very good opportunity to improve on your cellular communication without it costing an arm and a leg (just a leg or an arm, you can choose :-)). It comes ready to connect out of the box, pre-tested and preconfigured. If you have the place to put it you’ll be up in no time, well actually the time needed to plug the cable in, but that should be minutes.

Follow the link for more information on Hyper-G units

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