There’s nothing quite like having the wind in your hair and the smell of sea salt drifting through the air which is why working on a leisure yacht is one of the most enjoyable job opportunities to date. But of course, there is a trade off. Being away from friends and family can be hard to cope with, especially if you don’t have the proper means to keep yourself connected with them. Without a reasonable internet connection, how do you expect to get the latest updates from your loved ones and the rest of the world? Luckily, there’s Satmarin.

Why You Need Satmarin

Slow and inconsistent internet satellite connection on commercial yachts can be very frustrating. Imagine trying to communicate with people on land with that kind of technology. Often times, yacht owners and operators settle with these faulty connections just for the sake of having internet on their vessels, but the truth is, spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective connections is nothing more than a giant waste of hard earned money. Get what you pay for and enjoy fast, reliable internet service on your yacht with Satmarin.

What We Offer

At Satmarin, we understand maritime internet connectivity and strive to bring our consumers the best possible internet experience no matter where on the open sea they may be. Our state-of-the-art technology and hardware ensure that you get the strongest signals and high-speed internet connection anywhere on the globe.

Our world class antennas are the most efficient in the market, making it possible for yachts and other vessels to pick up signals no matter the weather or the distance. Our internet services and solutions allow users to access online resources and communication software with fast loading speeds and minimal lags providing the highest level of internet service for maritime use. We also provide our clients with managed services to allow the option to resolve any WiFi connectivity issues from the comfort of your own yacht, to allow access to visitors and guests, and to analyze data usage for every connected device. Stay in control and stay connected with Satmarin maritime satellite internet solutions.

Stay Connected with Satmarin

Do away with the expensive and ineffective subscription you’ve been settling with all these years and switch to something that’s worth your money. Satmarin offers the best maritime internet and connectivity services available to date! Browse our website for more information or call our friendly customer service crew to find out more about our outstanding service.

    Remember that at Satmarin we love a challenge as much as you do and if you are having communication issues we are here to help you out and make everyone happy.