Even if you are on board of your yacht only occasionally you will be happy to know that you have the possibility to have affordable broadband Internet connection available with the reliability and functionality expected of systems for large commercial and military vessels.

The reliable and fast connectivity and fixed monthly pricing give you and your guests as well as your crew more freedom to contact home or work and never lose contact with friends and family.


Smaller yachts tend to have less space and move more than their larger counterparts. If you are only planning to watch TV when in the harbor then a 2-axis antenna will most likely be sufficient. If you want to watch Satellite TV at sea then it is recommended to install a TRUE 3-axis antenna.

High Definition TV Channels will often require a 60cm antenna. The High Definition signal might not work with smaller antennas. In case of doubt always contact us to be certain that you can receive the TV channels you want where you will be sailing

Satellite Internet

The smallest antenna size for unlimited Maritime Satellite Internet would be 60cm. However, not all satellites will work with that size of antenna. The industry standard is pretty much set to 100cm. If you can accommodate a larger antenna then you might want to consider it.

If a large antenna (60cm and up) is not an option due to size restrictions then you might want to consider other possibilities like Inmarsat or Iridium or even get Port WiFi or 3G/4G .


Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, Satellite TV
Coverage: Regional VSAT and TVRO