Fixed, mobile and auto tracking, on-the-move satellite communications technologies are indispensable for defense and public safety applications in remote areas, and for any forward thinking enterprise that needs remote data access and constant communication in all kinds of terrain.

From earth stations to mobile VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminal), Satmarin Exoflux delivers complete satellite communications systems as part of its comprehensive communications product portfolio.

Government and defense organizations responsible for military operations, can’t compromise when it comes to staying connected at all times to operations headquarters.   Whether it’s overcoming distance, lack or collapse of the existing communications infrastructure, or extremely challenging environmental conditions, the challenges involved in providing reliable and secure real-time voice and data communications require innovative solutions.

Satellite-based broadband connectivity is the only technology capable of meeting these demanding mission-critical requirements, as well as reliably supplying the most basic civil services to local communities.

Ruggedized terminals can be deployed on vehicles or carried in a backpack, ensuring connectivity for both on-the-move and on-the-pause missions.

High-performance and quick-to-deploy systems provide fast and reliable broadband connectivity for any mission under any conditions, as well as supporting a diverse range of civilian services.