This is when we are at our best to insure that you will have the connection you need, when you need it.  Our direct operational ties with all the major satellite owners globally and some of the top teleports worldwide ensure you that we will be able to offer you the capacity where and when you need it.

Our portfolio contains enough satellites to cover the world multiple times over and we can provide you with about any possible type of satellite link, be it Commercial, Military or Leisure.

Backup Connectivity

For corporate use we offer convenient satellite backup internet connectivity (if possible combined with one or more 3G/LTE connections).  Our systems will seamlessly switch over to any available provider, be it satellite or other, and revert back to its original state as soon as the main connection becomes available again, whether it is after a minute or after a month … or more.

Event Connectivity

Sometimes available connectivity, be it Cabled, WiFi, WiMax, 3G, LTE or other is just not enough and you need that extra reliable link for your event or project.  Whether it is backup communication at events where thousands attend or just to connect in that one spot where there is no connection alternative.  We cav supply you from small to extra extra large connectivity, just let us know what you need and when.

Emergency response

In case of a large emergency situation there is a chance that communication links will be overloaded and you will not be able to use your regular connectivity methods.  This is when you can build on the reliability of a satellite link.  It is extremely unlikely that any satellite will be affected by a terrestrial emergency situation, but even that can be taken into account.

Emergency or tactical verhicles can be equipped with autopointing or even communication on the move terminals and stay connected.  If a regional disaster might annihilate the teleport you normally would connect with we can even provide another ground station that will be able to keep you connected.

Ask for our hyper redundant solutions … and hopefully you will never need them, but when you do you will have that lifeline available

Disaster Recovery

As unfortunate (natural) disasters occur emergency and aid teams nowadays need communications wherever they are needed.  While satphones can be an easy solution they are not the most practical and efficient when having to transfer large amounts of data.

At Satmarin we can provide you with the equipment and connectivity resources you need to get the job done where you are needed the most.