MDM3100 on the Newtec Dialog® Platform

The Newtec MDM3100 IP Satellite Modem is a 2-way, high throughput modem supporting a wide range of IP Services like internet/intranet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity and backbones for backhauling and multicasting services. Its ease of installation and high performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer various bandwidth intensive services in a cost effective way. Return Link Technology Flexibility for Tailored Services
The modem supports three return access technologies with the Newtec Dialog platform: MF-TDMA, SCPC and the new patented MxDMA™ (Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access). Mx-DMA incorporates MF-TDMA flexibility and on-demand variable bandwidth allocation at SCPC efficiency.

MF-TDMA satellite access technologies are typically targeting applications with highly overbooked and bursty traffic services, such as Internet access for consumers, SME, B2B and SCADA. SCPC on the other hand has more applicability in high data and video rate return links. In between there is a large amount of applications with low to medium overbooked services and important throughput rates up to 21 Mbps where Mx-DMA comes into the game.

The MDM 3100 combines different access technologies with different coding and modulation to match different application requirements.
The 4CPM (Quaternary Continuous Phase Modulation) is ideal for low bursty traffic and HighResCoding (HRC™) will optimize low to medium rate traffic.
The high granularity of MODCOD choices in HRC provides the best modulation and coding for each link condition while the use of short block codes minimizes latency over satellite.

MDM 6000

The Newtec MDM 6000 modem is typically installed at both ends of a point-to-point satellite link or at the remote sites of a star network. The unit can work as a modulator, demodulator or modem depending on the network configuration and integrates seamlessly with terrestrial IP networks and equipment. The modem is in full compliance with the DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X standards to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency at maximum service availability.

The Newtec MDM6000 Satellite Modem combines a number of innovative elements to improve current market available efficiencies, thereby lowering the overall Total Cost of Ownership.

New modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes in combination with innovative technologies such as 133 Mbaud, built-in Bandwidth Cancellation, Clean Channel Technology®FlexACM®, QoS, and Equalink® 3 pre-distortion.

Depending on the application, the migration scenario and the activated features the Newtec MDM6000 modem can be used in conjunction with the Newtec HUB6000 Satellite Hub. In all cases end-to-end efficiency over satellite can be achieved.