Global, mobile communications, in a small, light, easy-to-use form factor has been an elusive aspiration for decades. Though there have been advances, a solution for communicating with a mobile platform on a single global  network hasn’t been available. Until now.

Through its ground-breaking metamaterial technology, Kymeta has overcome the biggest barriers to global, mobile communications – ease of use, size, weight, power consumption, cost, mechanical parts, and easy to understand access services. Kymeta makes global mobile communications easy and accessible, providing a seamless, connected experience.

Kymeta’s innovative use of metamaterials has solved some of the satellite industry’s longest standing technical challenges: the need for lightweight, slim, on-the-move communication systems and services that are easy to buy and understand.
Expand your markets with Kymeta™ mTenna antenna subsystem modules (ASMs). Kymeta mTenna™ technology provides integration and installation options and flexibility for a variety of applications.
There are infinite applications for land, sea, and air – from connected vehicles and trains to ships and construction vehicles, the possibilities are endless.

  • Flat panel for invisible, seamless, low-profile installation options
  • No moving parts for low maintenance and reliable connectivity
  • Access to Kymeta Parter Portal
  • Remote updates, delivering enhanced performance improvements and new
  • Tx/Rx on a single panel

Technical Specifications

Rx frequency range11.4 – 12.4 GHz
Rx gain33.0 dB
Rx G/T9.5 dB/K
Rx scan roll-off @ 60° (H-pol)1.2
Rx scan roll-off @ 60° (V-pol)1.1
Rx instantaneous bandwidth>100 MHz
Tx frequency range14.0 – 14.5 GHz
Tx gain32.5 dB
Tx instantaneous bandwidth>100 MHz
Tx scan roll-off @ 60° (H-pol)1.4
Tx scan roll-off @ 60° (V-pol)1.2
Tracking rate>20°/second
Mobile tracking accuracy FCC compliant for 25.222 and 25.226
Supported BUCPre-engineered for 8 W and 16 W BUC
Temperature range–25°C to +55°C (operational)     –40°C to +75°C (storage)
ASM dimensionsL 82.3 cm x W 82.3 cm x D 7.1 cm  |  L 32.4 in. x W 32.4 in. x D 2.8 in.
mTenna I/O dimensionsW 42.42 cm x D 20.57 cm x H 4.37 cm  |  W 16.7 in. x D 8.1 in. x H 1.72 in.
ASM weight15.88 kg  / 35 lb.
Input power (ASM only) (ASM + mTenna I/O)100/240 VAC  50/60 Hz   |   175 W, 15 W typical (system values dependent on BUC)  225 W peak, 20 W typical
Ingress protectionOutdoor unit (ODU): IP66 to protect against weather and environmental conditions expected during operation and storage
Indoor unit (IDU**): Rated for use indoors
ASM  mounting interface5/16” x 18 threaded holes, 95 cm (.375 in.) deep on 34.1 cm (13.435 in.) centers.
Custom mounting configurations available upon request.