In an ever evolving communication world satellite antennas are no exception and where traditionally an antenna could only offer a single band solution it nowadays has the possibility to do multiple bands (Ku, Ka, C) withe the same Multi-Band Antennas.

Some manufacturers take it one step further (e.g. Intellian with their v240MT) and will even offer Multi Band – Multi Orbit Antennas which can track GEO satellites as well as MEO in Ku, Ka and C-Band.

These Multi-Band Antennas will become very important in the near future to be able to use a multitude of high throughput services achieving multi Gigabit speeds at sea. In the cruise sector, there is a real demand for innovative antenna technologies that can enable and support intense data-rich applications. The v240MT, combined with an Intelligent Mediator, is specifically designed to deliver data rates above 1 Gbps. This high level of performance, essentially giving passengers the same connectivity speeds they enjoy at home, has previously never been realised at sea.