Hyper Managed Services (HMS) combine the best of advanced network automation and configuration with a permanent human monitoring aspect.

Whenever service levels do not meet the preset requirements HMS will start looking for the best configuration possible given the current circumstances.  This can be by changing load balancing on the WAN side or adjusting prioritization for certain users/devices on the LAN side.  And often it will be a combination of WAN and LAN corrections.

What makes HMS unique is that it combines human expertise and automated monitoring and reporting to achieve its goal: getting you the best internet connectivity possible.  There is no single ideal configuration and each location you sail to has its own peculiarities.

With HMS we don’t just provide you with an internet connection and a standard configuration but we monitor and adjust all these metrics for you, to use the best communication media available wherever you are and depending on what is available (whether it’s VSAT, 3G/LTE, WiFi, … or anything else).  This is done in full transparency while staying within budget.

Hyper Managed Services includes a thorough analysis of your network infrastructure and user requirements which are then configured to maximize existing infrastructure and remove possible bottlenecks/issues.

    Exoflux Hybrid Monitoring

    If you are interested in our Hyper Managed Services or the possibilities that Hybrid Monitoring can offer you then contact us for a chat. We will be more than delighted to show you the possibilities.

    Hyper Managed Services

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