Terrasat Ku-band 100W (IBR137145-2NA100WW)

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Terrasat Ku-band 100W (IBR137145-2NA100WW)

P/N VCM-1504

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Series Spare

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Original IBUC profile with upgraded RJ45 interface.

The IBUC R is an integrated BUC/GaAs SSPA designed for higher performance & reliability. This unit is an excellent choice for higher power satcom terminals in telecom, defense, maritime, broadcast, & other demanding applications.
  • 1+1 Transmit Redundancy
  • High Stability Internal 10 MHz Reference with Auto-Detection
  • Three Factory Select Bands
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Optional Type N or F-Type Input Connectors
  • Handheld Terminal
The term “intelligent” block upconverter (IBUC) refers to the advanced features and monitor and control capabilities of the entire line of Terrasat IBUC models. Each IBUC model includes automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic level control (ALC) features and internal diagnostics. Terrasat IBUCs also provide extensive monitoring and control through software commands and alarms, providing access to the numerous operating parameters and features available in the unit.
Access to features and M&C (Monitor & Control) functions is provided via several methods, including a HHT (Hand-Held Terminal), RS232, RS 485, TCP/IP (Telnet, HTTP), UDP  SNMPv1/v2c), and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) link multiplexed via Tx IFL cable. Each IBUC model is also fitted with a multifunction LED for visual status indications.
The Terrasat ODU (Outdoor Unit) consists of an intelligent block upconverter, one PSUI (Power Supply Unit), and one LNB (Low-Noise Block Converter) for use in satellite earth stations. The outdoor equipment are designed to interface directly with L-band satellite modems.

IBUC R: All of the original features of the larger IBUC package with an RJ45 Ethernet connector.

The IFL (Interfacility Link) between the ODUs and the L-band modem uses 950 MHz to 2.0 GHz (L-band) as the interface frequency. This approach enables transmission and reception over the entire satellite band as opposed to a single transponder. The Lband IFL can also carry associated signals such as 10 MHz and DC voltage, or FSK which simplify installation and reduce costs.
Terrasat IBUC systems can be used for single channel per carrier/multiple channels per carrier (SCPC/MCPC), point-to-point, or point-to-multiple point network applications (such as voice, data, video, or IP services).
The integrated RJ45 connector enables TelNet, SNMP, and the Embedded Web Pages for monitor and control purposes. Its smaller form factor and lighter
weight make the IBUC 2, IBUC 2e, and IBUC 2G ideal for situations where mobility is key. These smaller models can be carried in a backpack/case or mounted on antennas that can be quickly assembled and disassembled.
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