This product has been discontinued.

Full DIRECTV HD Experience in a Compact Unit

60cm (24 inch) reflector DIRECTV HD Satellite TV System

The Intellian s6HD is a complete all-in-one satellite TV solution that enables boaters to enjoy high-definition TV channels just like at home. The antenna’s stylish polished radome design makes it a perfect fit for boats over 45 feet. See more for less with the s6HD.

3 DIRECTV Satellites at Once

The s6HD processes all three signals at once, delivering the complete DIRECTV HD experience right aboard your boat.

Lightest HD Antenna Available

Antenna weighs less than 48lbs and it is the lightest and smallest DIRECTV HD satellite system available.

Fully Automated System

The s6HD is a 2-axis high speed tracking system with fully automated satellite search and identification.

Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit

With its Wi-Fi functioned ACU, wireless updates and diagnosis via Aptus PC is possible.


  • Tracks all 3 DIRECTV Satellites at once for HD and UHD/4K TV enjoyment
  • Experience DIRECTV just like at home onboard, underway or at anchor
  • Built-in HD module for Ka-band DIRECTV channels

Performance Delivered

  • Intellian’s advanced technology guarantees the fastest signal acquisition
  • With its Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM), up to 16 receivers can be connected
  • Dual Ku and Ka-band feed with automatic LNB alignment to maintain the best quality picture

Radome Dimension
70 cm x 72 cm (27.5″ x 28.3″)

Reflector Diameter
60cm (23.6″)

Antenna Weight
21.6 kg (47.7 Ibs)

47 dBW

Elevation Range
+5˚ to +90˚


Auto Skew

WorldView Capable