Level 1 Spare Parts Kit for GX60/v60Ka (Consists of the following parts)

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AZ/EL/CL Drive Motor Set for GX60/v60Ka

Belt Set for GX60/v60Ka

AZ/CL Encoder Set for GX60/v60Ka

Home Sensor for GX60/v60Ka/v65

Sensor Box for GX60/v60Ka/v65

Level Sensor Motor for GX60/v60Ka/v65

STBL Board for GX60/v60Ka

Intellian Pelican Case for GX60 Level 1 Spare Parts Kit GX-1010

Temporarily unavailable

GPS for v80G/v100GX/v100/GX100/v100Ka/v130G/GX60/v60Ka

Intellian PCU Board & Comm. Board for GX60, v60Ka GX-1005_A

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Level 1 Spare Parts Kit

Level 1 Spare Parts Kit for GX60

P/N GX-1000

Category Maritime Satcom

Series Spare

Status Active

UPC Code 886310017811

Package Dimensions TBD

Package Weight TBD

HS Code [851770-4090] VSAT