This product has been discontinued but spares are still available. The v65 has been replaced with the v60E

Intellian v60E VE-60-E1YN

v65 8W (X-pol only)

P/N V4-650-CJW

Category Maritime Satcom

Status Discontinue

UPC Code 886310024727

Package Dimensions 108.0 cm x 127.0 cm x 138.8 cm (42.5″ x 50.0″ x 54.3″)

Package Weight: 157.6 kg (347.4 lbs)

HS Code: [851770-4090] VSAT

System Dimensions 90.2 cm x 104.4 cm (35.5″ x 40.7″)

System Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)


Parabola Size

Frequency Band

BUC Power