Intellian v240M 2 w/Ka Band tuned Radome* (154″) With radar filter VM2-24E-P

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$ 230.000

v240M 2

2.4m Dual-band Multi-orbit VSAT Antenna System

The v240M 2 is the world’s first and only Dual-band and  Multi-orbit  antenna system that enables communication services on two different frequency bands with the capability to track Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) or Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites.


Automatic Frequency Band Switching

It allows automatic switching between C- and Ku-band without user intervention and enables the operator to select the optimum solution for the geographic location.

Best In-Class RF Performance

The upgraded design assures consistent RF performance on C- and Ku-bands to enable high -speed, high-quality connectivity for high-bandwidth demanding users.

Future Proof Design

Ka-band upgrade kit will allow the addition of Ka-band communication including future NGSO networks and MEO operation can be enabled using the Intelligent Mediator.

High Power BUC Support

Various BUC options can be selected up to 400W in both C- and Ku-bands to allow user customization.

Automatic Frequency Band Switching

  • Automatic switching between C- and Ku-band without user intervention
  • C-band circular and linear switchable feed
  • Ku-band cross- and co-pol switchable feed

Best In-Class RF Performance

  • Consistent RF performance on both C and Ku-bands
  • Enables high-speed, high-quality connectivity for users demanding the highest bandwidth
  • High-power BUC options up to 400W in both C- and Ku-bands


Radome Dimension 431×391 cm (169.5×154.0 inch)
Reflector Diameter 240 cm (94.5 inch)
Antenna Weight 1,133 kg/ 2498 lbs
TX Frequency 5.85~6.425 GHz C-band
RX Frequency 3.625~4.2 GHz C-band
TX Gain 42.0 dBi @ 6.14 GHz (excl. radome)
RX Gain 38.4 dBi @ 3.91 GHz (excl. radome)
G/T 19.0 dB/K (min.) – C-band

Frequency Band

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Parabola Size