Intellian v150NX Ku 40W V5-15-U2ZW

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Introducing the v150NX: The World’s First and Only Convertible Ku- to Ka-band VSAT Antenna

The v150NX sets a groundbreaking standard as the world’s premier convertible GEO/MEO/LEO-ready VSAT antenna system. This remarkable dual-band antenna effortlessly transitions between Ku- and Ka-bands with the help of a convenient RF module conversion kit. Its high-performance radome is meticulously engineered to excel in both Ku- and Ka-band operations, ensuring seamless connectivity with current and future satellite constellations.

Key Features

Future-Proofed for GEO/MEO/LEO Satellite Tracking
In collaboration with satellite operators, our antenna systems have demonstrated robust performance in MEO/LEO satellite tracking, with successful commercial operations.

High Power BUC Option
The v150NX supports an impressive 200W Ku-band BUC or a 100W wideband Ka-band BUC without requiring additional weight balancing or conversion components.

Fiber Optic Connection
Regardless of cable run length, this antenna system minimizes signal loss and delivers superior throughput performance.

Optional Air-Conditioner Base Frame
Choose from cooling, heating, or a combination of both functions as needed. Cooling is recommended for higher BUC power options to maintain peak system health.

GEO/MEO/LEO Tracking
The hardware is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking, ensuring fast and precise tracking performance.
A simple software upgrade enables compatibility with future MEO/LEO satellite networks.
The embedded Mediator in ACU facilitates smooth satellite handover within MEO or LEO networks.

The Ultimate Throughput
Featuring a universal pedestal design, the v150NX delivers exceptional performance.
It can handle up to 200W (Ku-band) and 100W (Ka-band) BUCs.
Anticipate impressive throughputs exceeding 600Mbps for Downlink and 300Mbps for Uplink.


– Radome Dimension: 190×197 cm (74.8×77.6 inches)
– Reflector Diameter: 150cm (59.0 inches)
– Antenna Weight: 270 kg / 595 lbs
– TX Frequency (Ku-band): 13.75~14.5GHz
– RX Frequency (Ku-band): 10.7~12.75GHz
– TX Gain (Ku-band): 45.0 dBi @ 14.25 GHz (excluding radome)
– RX Gain (Ku-band): 43.5 @ 19.7 GHz (excluding radome)
– G/T: >22.5 dB/K (minimum)

Experience the future of VSAT antennas with the v150NX – where versatility, power, and performance converge to redefine connectivity standards.

1. 1.5m antennas are considered customised systems and lead times will be dependent upon BUC availability. Most 1.5m systems are quoted as EXW Korea and produced to order. 1.5m systems may be available from Rotterdam with applicable surcharges.
2. The v130NX 40W is also considered a customised system and therefore should be quoted as EXW Korea. We may on occasion have an available unit in Rotterdam but please contact your Intellian Sales Manager for accurate lead times.
3. Fibre link can be supplied with the v130NX HP and v150NX. The price is not included in the antenna price. Please quote as a separate item.
4. v150NX and 2.4m system pricing does not include A/C. Please quote this separately. Please consider AC option depending on BUC size and the climates where the vessel will operate.
5. Surcharges to take stock from Rotterdam could be applicable

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