Intellian OneWeb OW10HM Pro Flat Panel for Eutelsat OneWeb Mobility OS-OW10HF-W

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Discover unparalleled marine connectivity with Intellian’s OW10HM, the ultimate solution for fishing, leisure, and smaller vessels seeking reliable internet at sea.

This innovative flat panel antenna system offers high-speed, stable connections, transforming maritime adventures into seamlessly connected experiences.

Designed for optimal performance in challenging marine environments, the OW10HM ensures that staying in touch, streaming, and navigating digital resources is easier than ever, even in the remote expanses of the ocean.

Join us as we explore how this cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing connectivity for the maritime community

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Unleashing the Ocean’s Potential: Revolutionizing Connectivity with the OW10HM

Ever felt the frustration of losing signal while you’re miles away from shore, wrestling with waves, or enjoying the serene beauty of the open sea? Well, the days of unreliable marine connectivity might just be behind us, thanks to the innovative leap in maritime communication technology brought to us by Intellian’s OW10HM.

A Beacon of Connectivity in the Vast Blue

Imagine setting sail, where the horizon stretches infinitely and the deep blue is your only companion. Now, picture this with uninterrupted connectivity that not only matches but exceeds the performance of land-based networks. A reality crafted by Intellian’s OW10HM. Its sleek, lightweight design belies the powerhouse of technology it encases, making it a perfect fit for fishing, leisure, and smaller vessels craving optimal performance without the bulk.

The Heart of Innovation: Intellian’s OW10HM

At the core of this revolution is Intellian’s groundbreaking antenna design. The OW10HM is a marvel of modern engineering, delivering unmatched performance through its active electronically scanned arrays (AESA). Whether you’re navigating the calm waters of the Mediterranean or bracing against the North Sea’s might, this technology ensures your digital presence is as steady as your ship.

Tailored for the Sea: Features That Make a Difference

Simplified Installation

Gone are the days of cumbersome installations that require a team of experts. The OW10HM can be set up swiftly by a single individual, a testament to its user-friendly design. Its compatibility with standard maritime mounts and the integration of power and data through a single coax cable streamline the process further. Even more, the Intellian mobile app facilitates site surveys, automated configuration, and monitoring, making the journey from installation to online smoother than ever.

Withstanding the Elements

The sea is an unforgiving mistress, with conditions that can turn hostile in the blink of an eye. This terminal is built to endure, operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +55 °C (-40 °F to 131 °F).

With integrated radar rejection filtering, it cuts through high interference environments, ensuring reliable broadband services regardless of the sea’s mood.

Uninterrupted, High-Speed Connectivity

The OW10HM is a gateway to unparalleled high-speed internet at sea. With download speeds of up to 60 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps, it’s about bringing the world to you, wherever you may be.

Its expansive field of view and advanced tracking technology ensure that you remain connected, even in the most challenging conditions.

Beyond the Horizon: Intellian’s Vision for the Future

The OW10HM is part of Intellian’s Flat Panel Series, a comprehensive portfolio designed to meet the needs of fixed enterprise, maritime, and land mobility customers. This commitment to innovation reflects a broader ambition: to transform the way we connect, work, and live at sea.

Charting New Waters

In a world that’s more connected than ever, the sea remains one of the last frontiers of digital connectivity. The OW10HM is more than just a piece of technology; it’s a bridge between the vastness of the ocean and the boundless possibilities of the digital age. It’s about empowering adventurers, fishermen, and leisure seekers with the tools they need to explore further, stay connected longer, and harness the full potential of their maritime journeys.

P.S. Can you imagine exploring the world without losing touch with what matters most?

In this digital age, connectivity is not just a convenience; it’s a lifeline. The OW10HM invites you to rethink what’s possible, to venture beyond the horizon with the confidence that the digital world is right there with you. So, as you set your sights on new adventures, ask yourself: Are you ready to embrace the future of maritime connectivity?

Below Deck

21 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm (8.2” x 6.7” x 3.1”)
0.6 kg (1.3 lb)
18 W (max), 8 W (avg)
0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
WiFi-6 4-port GigE RJ45
Universal AC Power (100 – 240 VAC)

44.2 cm x 25 cm x 4.4 cm (19” x 1 RU chassis)
6.3 kg (13.9 lb)
30 W (max), 16 W (avg)
-25 °C to +55 °C (-13 °F to 131 °F)
8-port GigE RJ45, 1x USB (Type-A), 1x NMEA0183 / 1x NMEA2000
Dual 450 W Power Modules 100 – 240 VAC