Intellian GX60NX 2 HP 9W (XCVR) (ADU) V5-60G-00X4N

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$ 39.000

GX60NX 2

Introducing the GX60NX 2/GX60NX 2 HP: Next-generation 65cm Inmarsat GX Fleet Xpress Terminal

The Intellian GX60NX 2 heralds a new era in satellite communication technology. With its 2.5GHz Ka-Wideband readiness and a 65cm diameter reflector, this terminal combines compactness and power for seamless global connectivity. Its lightweight design facilitates effortless installation, while its transceiver system ensures reliable performance. Moreover, the GX60NX 2 HP variant boasts an enhanced 9W high-powered transceiver, elevating transmission capabilities.

The All-In-One GX BDT streamlines setup with integrated GX Modem and GX Mediator, simplifying FX rack installation. Operating on a new platform, the GX60NX 2 ensures swift configuration and activation through its intelligent software, AptusNX.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and Lightweight: Maintains performance without added bulk.
  2. High Power Upgradeability: Easily integrate high-power components without replacing the BDT.
  3. Future-Proof Design: Prepared for 2.5GHz Ka-Wideband operation with a frequency-tuned radome and reflector.
  4. All-in-One Integration: The GX BDT combines ACU, GX modem, power supply, switch, and GX Mediator below deck.
  5. Quick and Easy Deployment: Simplified installation with included lifting strap, external cable connection, and AptusNX Install Wizard.
  6. Compact High-Performance Solution: 1U rackmount BDT with ACU, Modem, and Mediator, offering lightweight yet powerful RF performance.


  • Radome Dimension: 93×86 cm
  • Reflector Diameter: 65 cm
  • Antenna Weight: 39 kg
  • TX Frequency: 27.5~30.0 GHz Ka-band
  • RX Frequency: 17.7~20.2 GHz Ka-band
  • TX Gain: 44.2 dBi @ 29.0 GHz
  • RX Gain: 40.2 dBi @ 19.0 GHz
  • G/T: 15.5 dB/K (min.)
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Parabola Size

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