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Intellian GX100NX 2 Ka-band GX Terminal 4.5W XCVR V5-11G-V1X3N

GX100NX HP Terminal

The Intellian GX100NX is a 2.5GHz Wideband Ka Ready Maritime Global Express Terminal with a 105cm dish in diameter. The GX100NX’s new control platform with highly efficient RF design delivers superior performance compared to other 1 meter GX terminals, enabling higher data rates and global operation.

The GX100NX is easily upgradeable to 10W High Power BUC system.

The new All-In-One GX BDT integrates GX Modem and GX Mediator, making it simple and easy to install from the FX rack. The GX100NX’s new operation platform provides the efficiency of configuration and activation with its smart operational software AptusNX.

System Key Features

2.5GHz Wideband Ka Ready

The GX100NX uses 2.5GHz wideband Ka tuned Radome & Reflector. It provides the convenience of not having to replace the Radome and Reflector when using 2.5GHz service in the future.

High Power BUC Upgradable

The GX100NX can be easily upgraded with the 10W High Power BUC. There is no need to replace the BDT and no additional components are required. Simply upgrade 10W BUC to enjoy high throughput service.

Single Coaxial Cable

The GX100NX integrates RF and power cables into one coaxial cable. A single cable carries Tx, Rx, DC power, data and reference signals between the antenna and the BDT.

New All-In-One Below Deck Terminal

The all-new GX BDT integrates ACU, GX modem, power supply, 4-port switch and GX Mediator. This 19 “1U size BDT can be easy to install in the FX rack, reducing installation time and costs.

Standardized Modular Components Across NX Series

Modular components are used throughout the NX range, such as dynamic motor brakes with integrated encoders, Main Control Unit and skew  assembly. Sharing common modules across Intellian’s NX antenna series, the number of spare parts is reduced.

Quick and Easy Deployment

The GX100NX is equipped with an external dome-on connector on the bottom of radome. Furthermore, the GX100NX has built in dynamic motor brakes for preventing dish damaged during the power-off mode and it removes the need of shipping bracket. These allow users to install or pretest without opening a radome.

New AptusNX

Intellian’s all new integrated M&C platform, AptusNX provides responsive web user interface to manage and control the antenna system regardless of device types. It enables advanced alerts from the live data monitoring and analysis agent, the GX100NX sends warning messages to the NOC in
advance when it detects any abnormal operation. Installation Wizard in AptusNX automates functions for system configuration so that operators are minimally involved in system installation and operation, including automatic cable loss compensation, line-up test and auto diagnostics.

Frequency Band

Parabola Size

BUC Power