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Experience exceptional maritime connectivity with the Hyper-G Series, an advanced solution offering unparalleled 3G/4G/5G mobile connectivity. Designed for both operational efficiency and enhanced crew welfare, this system simplifies installation and comes tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Introducing the Hyper-G maritime cellular terminal – your key to stable, far-reaching data connections. Engineered for maximum signal reception and minimal signal loss, the Hyper-G ensures you stay connected even in the most demanding maritime environments.

Revolutionary Antenna-Modem Proximity Design Traditional setups often suffer from signal degradation due to lengthy cabling between high-mounted antennas and below-deck cellular routers. Satmarin Exoflux addresses this by strategically positioning the cellular modem in close proximity to the antennas, thereby minimizing signal loss and significantly enhancing stability, speed, and range.

The Power of Directional Antennas The Hyper-G Series breaks new ground with its use of directional antennas, significantly outperforming the traditional omnidirectional alternatives. Directional antennas offer a substantial increase in range and bandwidth, overcoming the limitations of omnidirectional antennas which struggle with signal focus and stability due to their “donut-shaped” radiation pattern.

In contrast, directional antennas provide a high vertical beamwidth (60-70°), ensuring a robust connection even in varied marine conditions – from calm lakes to turbulent seas. This approach also enables the antennas to connect with the most optimal cellular tower, avoiding bandwidth competition among modems.

Comprehensive 360° Coverage and Multiple Modem Integration For uninterrupted connectivity, the Hyper-G is equipped with an array of directional antennas, ensuring seamless 360° coverage. Additionally, it supports the use of multiple modems simultaneously, resulting in increased throughput and stability.

Bonded or Balanced: Your Choice Hyper-G units are available in bonded or balanced versions, catering to diverse connectivity needs. Choose the bonded solution for a unified, robust connection ideal for large file transfers, or opt for a load-balanced version that efficiently distributes connections across your devices.

System Highlights:

  • 36 custom-designed high-gain antennas, surpassing any omnidirectional alternative.
  • Enhanced elevation angle for superior performance on moving vessels.
  • Ability to select up to 6 distinct LTE connections based on performance.
  • Available in LTE, LTE-A, and LTE-A-Pro versions.
  • Elimination of signal loss due to extensive RF cable runs.
  • Simplified connections: single coaxial or combined power/data option.

Service Highlights:

  • Fully pre-configured units with activated SIM cards.
  • No onboard configuration required.
  • Easy integration as a replacement for existing coax-based systems.
  • Customizable configurations and remote performance monitoring.

Modem Options:

  • Available in LTE, LTE-A, LTE-A-PRO, and various CAT combinations.
  • Regional and Global options.

BDU-ADU Connection Options:

  • Single Coax (up to 1 Gbps)
  • Power + RJ45 (1 Gbps to 2.5 Gbps)
  • Power + Fibre (> 2.5 Gbps)

Data Distribution Options:

  • Load balanced
  • Bonded

Form Factor:

  • Desktop
  • Rack Mounted

Discover the new era of maritime connectivity with the Hyper-G Series – where performance, reliability, and advanced technology converge to keep you connected wherever the sea takes you.

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