ExoFlex™ is a professional data platform for broadcasters and media content producers. It transforms DVB’s one-way feed into a full-service IP connection for video content distribution, file sharing and internet connectivity on an Occasional Use basis. It provides flexible bi-directional broadband links in IP format, from a few kbps up to 50 Mbps, with a pre-defined quality of service, a flexible schedule and at reasonable costs.

How can it be used?

  • WiFi hotspots for special events, e.g. concerts
  • Hub for bonded cellular services, e.g. LiveU
  • Video IP streaming
  • File exchange between SNG truck and studio via a broadband connection
  • Access to social media content in addition to video feed
  • Real-time analysis and centralized production
  • Enhanced emergency response services

Why choose ExoFlex?

  • Low infrastructure investment and operating costs
  • Easy implementation of required hardware
  • Option to share the same antenna for data and DVB link
  • Committed information rate above current market standard
  • Flexible data rates, contention ratios and service duration
  • Online booking for connectivity anywhere
  • Global 24/7 customer support