Satmarin is happy to be launching their super promotion for Europort 2019 on Intellian VSAT antennas. Buy One Intellian VSAT antenna and Get a Second One Free during the Europort 2019 show.

Availability of the offer is on a first come first serve basis so book your meeting in advance with us and let us know what your model of choice is.

Choose the best antenna for you and don’t forget … Bigger is Better.

v60G (X/Co-pol) 8W VG-61-BJW $32,000 
v60Ka (Telenor) V4-6F-STC $34,000 
v80G 8W V2-81-CJW1 $39,000 
v80G 16W V2-81-CLW1 $42,000 
v85NX 8W V5-85-U2JW $41,000
v85NX 16W V5-85-U2LW $47,000
v85NX 25W V5-85-U2VW $53,000
v100Ka (Telenor) V3-11F-STC $51,000 
v100NX 8W V5-11-U2JW $55,000
v100NX 16W V5-11-U2LW $58,000
v100NX 25W V5-11-U2VW $60,000
v130G 8W V2-131-CJW $61,000 
v130G 16W V2-131-CLW $64,000 
v130G 25W V2-131-CVW $69,000 
v130G 40W V2-131-CZW $74,000 
GX60 GX1-62-111 $34,000 
GX100 V3-11G-311 $56,000 
  • All Purchase Orders to be received during the show between November 5 – 8, 2019.
  • All orders to be shipped before 20th December 2019
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Offer not available to pre-existing orders
  • Subject to availability
  • Unit prices are ex-works Rotterdam

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