Single Channel 3G/4G/LTE

3G, 4G, LTE ,LTE-A modems come in multiple shapes and sizes.  The most important difference which will also influence the price signficantly is the cellular communication module inside the device.  These can be entry level 3G units if you only need to transfer small volumes of data at up to 20 Mbps or the more expensive LTE-A cat-12 modules achieving up to 600 Mbps per modem.

While high speed might be the ultimate goal, the most important would be to be connected even when you are far away from the Cellular Tower.  At this stage the type of antenna used (omnidirectional or directional and which bands they support) becomes very importance and will make the difference between being connected or not.  Proper antenna choice can extend your reach from a few miles to up to 20 and more.

We offer a full range of indoor and outdoor / maritime units depending on your requirements including custom built single and multi-sim PoEdriven units.

Single channel units have a single cellular modem which, depending on the model is bound to certain frequency bands and geographical regions.  Always check whether the unit matches the frequencies used in your area and that your antennas match the frequencies as well in case of separate antennas.