Hyper-G4 5TB

/ month

The Hyper-G Series deliver unparalleled mobile 3G, 4G and 5G connectivity and value. Its technical capabilities make it ideal for both  operations and crew welfare services. It’s easy to install and comes pre configured to your requirements.

The Hyper-G maritime cellular terminal  will guarantee you an as stable and as distant data connection as possible. To achieve this the Hyper-G has been designed to gain as much signal as possible and to reduce signal loss to the bare minimum.

Virtually limitless

While unlimited cellular don’t exist (there is always a small print somewhere) we will share the small print with you first. The connection is not unlimited but will offer you at least 5TB (that’s 5.000 GB) per month of data all over the EU, plus Canada and US*

No Bill shock

When using high throughput devices the amount of data consumed can easily skyrocket. a 100Mbps link (not uncommon 4G speed in 2022) canuse up nearly 44GB of data in an hour or 1TB per day. At regular rates this will burn a hole in your communications budget.

Equipment included

Included in your subscription is Satmarin’s exclusive Hyper-G which has been designed solely for the purpose of high speed, high quality connectivity in mind. With it’s unique directional antenna array it will also allow for further or more stable connection than any omnidirectional antenna.

Sail Away

The Hyper-G is especially interesting for sailing yachts do to its wide elevation angles of 60° (in comparison to 12° or less with powerful onmidirectional antennas. Subscription includes

  • Hyper-G4, up to 600Mbps peak download
  • 5TB of data per month
  • EU, Canada and US coverage
  • Channel Bonding
  • Remote Assistance and Monitoring
  • 24 month subscription minimum

Additional information  

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

Canada, Europe, United States of America